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This medicine is used to reduce every day to harsh pain and it belongs to a class of medicine known as opioid (narcotic) analgesics. This medication directly put results on your brain to change how your body feels and reacts to ache.

The way to use Oxeycodone

Forever use this medicine via mouth as prescribed by using your health practitioner and it could effortlessly be enthusiastic about or without food. While you take this medicine then you need to in no way eat grapefruit or consuming grapefruit juice. Consume or drink these varieties of things best while your pharmacist says you may achieve this securely. Grapefruit continually develop the risk of side outcomes with this pill.

Are you the usage of the liquid shape of this remedy? If sure, then you definitely should take a measure dose with using special measuring device/spoon. in no way use a family spoon because cannot get the proper dose. in case you don’t any records how to check or measure the dose you then need to with your physician.

Don’t prevent taking this medication all at once due to the fact this medicine can motive withdrawal, mainly if you have used it for a long term duration or in excessive dose. To kind out this trouble, your pharmacist can decrease your dose slowly. In that condition, this pill might be used for surprising pain only as required. tell your health practitioner immediately if you have any withdrawal symptoms like restless, anxiety, problem drowsing and mind of suicide or surprising modifications in conduct. While this medication is using for a long time length then it's going to no longer work nicely. Meet along with your physician if it stops operating properly.

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             Extreme dizziness

             Trouble respiratory



             In no way take this remedy directly if you are tormented by hypersensitive reaction problems.

             In advance of taking Oxeycodone inform your medical doctor approximately your medical records.

             This medicine passes into breast milk and might have unwanted consequences on a nursing toddler. tell the pharmacist as soon as feasible in case your baby grows uncommon sleepiness and tough feeding.

             Meet together with your doctor before breast-feeding.


If a person has overdosed and has passed off extreme symptoms which include passing out or trouble breathing then make a call on your doctor right away.